Artist Statement

The artwork I create functions as a translation to my understanding of time and place, where systematic structure operates the foundation for existential interconnectedness. With an eager tendency to manipulate perception and break away from redundancy, the creation of visual portals is essential to transcend the ordinary experience. As intuition propels the steps of my creative process, it is inevitable that each mark is a reaction to the previous. A transformation of the past.


My interests in the numerous modes of perception focusing on experience have undoubtedly developed out of my practice in traditional printmaking. Through exploration of various techniques, I have established an important connection between process and concept, one that extends beyond printmaking into my entire artistic practice and understanding thereof. Navigating through any one piece creates a pattern of dialogue between the two aspects. Printmaking opens the relationship because I witness firsthand, the progression of multiple stages that an initial idea must go through to achieve a final product. Each step in the process of development provides a new look at the art and thus drives me deeper into its content; a process fueled by a constant state of change, directly relating to my perceptions of experience.


I seek to address the dynamics of structure within space that formulate our perception of reality; representing and re-defining the possibility of opposition within our direct experience of reality, while simultaneously establishing the co-existence between objects in relation to space. Re-orienting design structures in repetition refers to multiple perspectives that seek a shared reality between ourselves, structures, and the space in which everything exists. Through my art, I elaborate between perspectives of reality and matter within it. I demonstrate that space is an illusion, and the ordinary experiences developed through perception are of greater complexity than initially translated.